Two critical elements in successful computer software and hardware systems are the provision for growth while at the same time providing stability.. These two factors may sound contradictory but we have proven they can be delivered in one package..


- When you install new software it is important to know you will not out grow it in the foreseeable future.

Our warehouse distribution system has permitted our individual clients to grow from under a million to over 20 million in sales without software replacement..

Our computer hardware configuration allows for growth starting from one to over twenty terminals on the same CPU...


Besides the human cost, the financial cost of replacing software and hardware systems is most inhibiting

OLIS's original clients have been with us since 1979. Their success and growth has been exceptional, yet they have not had to suffer through dead-end systems and the pain of changing software and system methods.

System stability has been proven over these past 17 and some years.

The hardware we have chosen and the flexibility of our software will allow for rapid multi-million dollar growth, yet it starts at a very affordable sales to cost ratio..

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